Our Vibe

Our Vibe

Our vibe and how we came about, words from owner and creator Janett Seminario.

Jungle Vibes started as a place I imagined in my head... a magic place for my body, mind and soul.

I remember waking up in my apt on 23rd and Collins and craving a really good juice to give me energy and fuel to kick off my day. I did a quick online search to realize the closest place was blocks away and their menu wasn’t appealing nor exciting in misbelief I began a serious research for juice bars and healthy eating spots to only confirm that in fact there was nothing like what I wanted; either the menu was not right or the prices were crazy high.

I stand by everyone being able to afford eating healthy without compromise, even all the cafes and restaurants available have only generic options, nothing to just make you feel good inside and out... so I said to myself Let’s do this! Having no idea of what I was doing just knowing what I wanted... A healthy delicious place where you can come in get a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack that will not break your pocket along with having a great experience and feel good. A place as different and wild as the jungle where we are happy, positive and full of great magical energy to fuel your body from the food to the music to the vibes that would help you achieve an amazing productive magical day...

And that’s how Jungle Vibes started....